We can bring your fasteners design to reality

You can custom it any way you want it

Any kind of drive, head & thread can be made as your requirement.
Drive, Head & Thread Materials Finishing Packaging

100% non-defective & friendly-enviromental compliant

In our laboratory, we test every product by professional high-precision testing equipment to ensure the quality of all products

Samples can be made and sent out within 24 hours

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About King-Tower

Dongguan King Tower Hardware Co.; Limited is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel screws, 304 stainless steel screws, 410 stainless steel screws, 430 stainless steel screws, non-standard screws, self-tapping screws, combination screws, mobile phone screws, hexagonal socket screws, CD pattern screws, lock screws, chassis screws, copper screws , Phillips screws, triangular slot screws, national standard screws, ANSI screws, GB screw, taptite screw, colored screws, countersunk screws, brass screws, black screws, environmental protection screws, 
anti-theft screws, non-slip screws, waterproof screws, lock screws and other small screw manufacturers.

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