Why do pure titanium screws break?

Why do pure titanium screws break?

Screws are generally used as accessories to fasten objects. You can see screws on mobile 
phones, computers, and mice. But sometimes, when we use it, we find that the screw is 
broken. Why does a certain titanium screw break?


There is not only one reason why a titanium screw will break. There are many factors that 
can cause a screw to break. If you can see a trace of the groove at the position of the 
broken head, it means that the screw groove is too deep, which will cause the screw to 
break. In this case, the screw manufacturer needs to pay attention to the depth of the 
screw groove during production, and the depth of the groove needs to be smaller during the 
next production.

   If there are no traces of grooves at the position of the broken end, it is possible that 
the torque is too large during use. No matter what type of product it is, there is a fixed 
torque value. When this torque is exceeded, the product will break. The same is true for 
titanium screws. When twisting, you need to test whether your torque exceeds this range. If 
it exceeds, then you need to control your strength when twisting.

In addition, there are other factors that can cause titanium screws to break, such as too 
small R angle, wire problems, and so on.



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