What is Vehicle security screw

The so-called security screw, as the name for anti-dismantle screw is placed in outdoor public long periods of time, in order to prevent fixed installation thefts. Generally, in terms of structure and type, that can be divided into installable-removable and installable- non-detachable two types. The former includes inner six angle security screw, torx security screw, Y type security screw, eccentric orifice security screw and so many kinds of structure. And often in the use of vehicle security screw.
Vehicle security screw is a kind of installable-removable security screws. Vehicle security screw for our common is torx structure, and by fine turning the blossom tooth form for better security. Then for any set of the security screw will complete with an unlock key. Some brands like BMW also use inner tooth structure for security, base on the number of the teeth against theft. But this structure also has its own disadvantage and not be recommended here. Thus it can be seem that, selecting security screw is important more than you think.
Specially prompt is, even though install any security screw that must not be preventing all thefts. These parts can only to do the best to defend the rims get stolen by thieves. But there is always one way or the other to steal something. So couldn’t blind faith to the security screw can prevent the all thefts.

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