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What is Thread Locking Screw

Thread locking screw is one of the anti-loosening screws, it uses thermal spraying technology to spray a special engineering plastic whose main component is thread-locking fluid or threadlocker on the screw thread. When the thread is tightened, this layer of engineering plastic is squeezed to generate a strong reaction force and friction, thereby preventing the screw from retreating. To achieve the effect of anti-loosening, leakage, and corrosion.

Usually our customers require nylon patch or chemical glue these two. What is the difference between the two?

Engineering Plastic (we called nylon patch) can be used repeatedly (with repeated disassembly). This technology is to attach engineering plastic to the thread to prevent the screw from loosening. The nylon patch is squeezed during the locking process of the threaded connection to generate a strong reaction force. Increasing the friction between threads provides absolute resistance to vibration and solves the problem of loose threaded connections.

Nylon Patch

The chemical glue is suitable for non-repeated use. The chemical glue is a special technology to coat the epoxy resin in the micro-tape, coat it on the thread, squeeze the micro-capsule when it is locked, and the glue liquid flows out and chemical reaction occurs. Curing within 24-72 hours, the inner and outer threads can be cured to provide anti-loosening and anti-leakage functions. Once the cured chemical adhesive is damaged (that is, after the thread is loosened), the anti-loosening performance drops sharply. Compared with the engineering adhesive, the reaction force generated by the extrusion is much weaker, so it is usually not used for repeated disassembly.

Chemical Glue

Important,nylon patch can do 180 degrees and 360 degrees, chemical glue only 360 degrees.

Thread locking screw are widely used in 3C, bicycles, skating and ski equipment, furniture, sports equipment, medical equipment and other industries. It completely replaces the traditional anti-return washer, which fully shows the reliability of the anti-loosening screw in tightening and anti-loosening.

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