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What is the production process of quality screws?

  1. Cold heading

Cold heading is also known as head punching, through the interaction between the dies, so that the material is formed. The wire is cut off and upset into screw blanks to form the head. It can be designed according to the actual needs of customers, and can be countersunk head, round head, large flat head, external hexagon, internal hexagon, etc.

  1. Thread Rolling

Thread rolling, is the process of rolling the head formed rod into the required thread. A fixed thread plate and a movable thread plate mold are required. Mutual extrusion causes plastic deformation of the product to form the required threads.

  1. Heat treatment

Strength requirements of high-quality screws need to be heat-treated to maintain their mechanical properties, which is essential. But according to the actual demand, not all screws have to be heat-treated, rashly heat-treated instead will lead to product quality and cost increases.

  1. Surface treatment

Surface treatment is the process of forming a cover layer on the exterior of the workpiece, the intention is to give the product appearance and anti-corrosion effect.

After these processes, the finished product of the screw will come out.

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