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What is the difference between stainless steel screws and galvanized screws?

What is the difference between stainless steel screws and galvanized screws?

1.Different materials

Stainless steel screws are made of stainless steel materials, not easy to rust, can be used for a long time, have better corrosion resistance, while having high pressure strength and strong toughness, galvanized screws are based on ordinary steel bolts, through hot dipped galvanized treatment, the formation of a protective film of zinc to reduce the corrosion of screws due to oxidation.

2.Different corrosion resistance

Stainless steel screws corrosion resistance is very well, to prevent the erosion of air, water and oxides, stainless steel screws in the harsh environment can also maintain good quality and appearance, while the corrosion resistance of galvanized screws is poor, in the wet, acid rain, harsh climate and other environments susceptible to corrosion.

3.Different prices

Stainless steel screws are more expensive, the price is much more expensive than ordinary steel screws, because the manufacturing process and production costs are higher for industries with high quality requirements, while galvanized screws have lower production costs and relatively low prices, for general requirements of the project.

4. Different colors

The color of stainless steel screws is usually silver, the surface is shiny and modern, while galvanized screws have a gray surface, some practical, suitable for use in some factories or construction.

5.Different applications

Stainless steel screws are widely used in various high-precision and high-level machinery manufacturing and construction fields, such as aviation, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, precision instruments, chemicals and other fields, while galvanized screws are the solution to ordinary assembly and connection needs, suitable for construction and some usual maintenance fields.

There are significant differences between stainless steel screws and galvanized screws in terms of material, corrosion resistance, price, color and usage. According to different needs and application fields, choosing the right screw material can improve work efficiency and product quality.

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