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What is a bolt?

What is a bolt?

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Bolts: Mechanical parts, cylindrical fasteners with threads for use with nuts. A class of fasteners consisting of two parts, the head and the screw (cylinder with external thread), to be fitted with a nut, for fasteners connecting two parts with through holes. This form of connection is called a bolt connection. If the nut is screwed off from the bolt, the two parts can be separated, so the bolt connection is a removable connection.

 There are many names for bolts, and everyone may call them something different - some call them studs, some call them standards, some call them fasteners. Although there are so many names, the meaning is the same, they are all bolts.

 Bolt is the generic way of saying fastener. The principle of the bolt is a tool that uses the physics and mathematics of the beveled circular rotation of an object and friction to tighten the instrumental mechanism in a progressive manner.

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