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What are the functions of double end bolts?


Double end bolts are also called double head screws or double head bolts and studs. Used to connect the fixed link function of machinery, double head bolts have threads on both ends, the middle of the screw, there are thick and thin. Generally used in mining machinery, bridges, automobiles, motorbikes, boiler steel structure, towers, large-span steel structure and large buildings.

The most typical use is: for anchor bolts, or similar anchor bolts, thicker connections, when ordinary bolts can not be achieved.

The application of double-headed bolts mainly has the following two points:

1, used in the main body of large equipment, the need to install accessories, such as sight glass, mechanical seals, reducer frame, etc., which is used in the double head bolts, one end screwed into the main body, after installing the accessories on the other end with the nut, because the accessories are often dismantled, threads will be worn out or damaged, the use of double head bolts to replace the will be very convenient.

2、Used to connect the body thickness is very large, the length of the bolt is very long, will use double head bolts.

Double head bolts connected to the purpose of anti-loosening in practice, the external load of vibration, change, material creep at high temperatures, etc. will cause a reduction in friction, threaded sub-positive pressure in a certain moment disappeared, the friction is zero, so that the threaded joints loose, such as by repeated action, threaded joints will be loosened and failure. Therefore, it must be anti-loosening, otherwise it will affect the normal work and cause accidents.



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