We Company Ordered New Screw Machine has Arrived

New screw machine has arrived today.This new screw machine is efficient in its work,make contributions to improving our work efficiency. Our company is committed to upgrading production equipment, thinking of ways to improve production quality and quantity, efforts to meet customer requirements.

This screw machine has great advantage in the production of screw.It helps to product many kinds of screws such as combination screw,laptop screw and lathe nut.Under the premise of quality assurance,increases production speed.

We immediately connect the new machine to electricity supply,start on adapting our machine's functionality.Machines to make products better debugging until customer satisfaction.We will begin our working operations with this screw machine,shipping as soon as possible.


About King-Tower

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anti-theft screws, non-slip screws, waterproof screws, lock screws and other small screw manufacturers.

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