The Prevention Measures of Deadlock Stainless Steel Security Screw

It most commonly occurs lock case when lock the flange plate. Assume that you have pay attention to and in accordance with the below points, including the use of the washer, Coating nut (can also suggest using a long nut, such as GB6170 or DIN934) and so on. If it still can't solved, you should first temporarily use carbon steel nut before pre flange lock device, and wait until the last official lock to use stainless steel nuts. Today, I will talk about the prevention measures of deadlock stainless steel security screw.

Q: when using stainless steel security screws, whether is always at a fixed speed to lock nut?

A: if this is first time use, or you are not familiar with the product process of stainless steel screws, you should consult your supplier about the related properties of stainless steel. In general, reducing the speed of the lock can significantly reduce (or even completely avoid) the lock. Heat energy commonly occurs at the time of lock. As heat energy increases, the probability of lock will increase. When use, the lock speed on the stainless steel screw should be lower than the lock speed on the carbon steel.

Q: Whether you first lubricate the security screw or nut before lock?

A: If the answer is "no", you can be recommended to use butter, molybdenum disulfide, graphite, mica or talcum powder to grease inside and outside the teeth, in order to reduce the occurrence of deadlock.

Q: whether to choose the same kind of material grades of stainless steel security screw and nut?

A:If the answer is “yes”, the suggestion is to match with different levels of screw and nut.

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