The Methods of Chicago Screw Anti-corrosion

Stainless steel screw is made by metal. The methods of Chicago screw anti-corrosion mainly have four aspects, namely, the nature of the material itself, using environment, the interface of materials and the environment and the improved design of metal structures. If the full corrosion of the alloy is used to manufacture stainless steel screws, unless you have special requirements, it is not practical in economic perspective. It is also very difficult to completely isolate the appearance of screw and the corrosive environmental elements. The improved design of metal structures can improve the effects of special circumstances in some cases, but most of the stainless steel screw design cannot be fully corrected. And its maintenance action is not eternity, so this method can't solve problems. Only the interface of corrosion protection, i.e., anti-corrosive treatment of appearance, is currently the most widely used method.

   Appearance of Chicago screw anti-corrosion treatment refers to the use of various method applying maintenance in metal surface layer. Its role is to isolate the metal from the corrosive environment, which restrains corrosion process. or Its role is to reduce the contact of corrosive medium and the metal appearance, in order to avoid or reduce corrosion.

   Above is the methods of Chicago screw anti-corrosion. If you want to know more about Chicago screw grease, you can come our company’s website to learn it.

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