The Introduction of Combination Screw Application

Screw has a lot of terms. Each person may call it different names. Someone called bolt, someone called bolt nail, someone called standard part, and someone called fastener. Although there are so many ways, but the meaning is the same. Screw is the General statement of fastener. Although combination screw is very common, someone may not have a comprehensive understanding of combination screw application. Today, I will analyze it for you.

   The combination screw application is very wide. It is necessary in daily life and industrial production. Screw is also known as the rice of industry. The principle of screw is to use the object's cant round rotation and physics and mathematics principles of friction. It is the tool to fasten implements parts step by step.

   The combination screw application include: electronic products, mechanical product, digital products, electrical equipment, Mechanical and electrical machinery products. Vessels, vehicles, water conservancy projects, and even chemical experiment are also need to use screw. Many places are need to use screw, such as precision screw used on digital products. DVD, camera, glasses, watches and clocks, electron, etc., are need to use micro screw.

   Combination screw in industry have important tasks. As long as there is industry on earth, the function of screw are always important.

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