The differences between the bolt and screw

There are some differences between the bolt and screw. Today I will mainly talk about their differences on applicable place and fastening tool.

The applicable place of bolt and screw is different. The requirement for accuracy of bolt is not high, unless there is a matching requirement. General bolt is convenient to disassemble. Its machining accuracy is low, and it is without being limited by the connection material. Its application is wide. The bolt which ask for cooperation can carry horizontal load. Screw is compact in the structure, but it can't often disassemble. And it is unable to bear large force.

In addition, the fastening tool of bolt and screw is different. Bolt generally use tools like the wrench. While screw generally use tools like the screw driver.

   Machine screw is mainly used for a component with internal thread hole, fastening with the parts with a hole. I don't need a nut to cooperate. This connection is called screw connection. It also is a detachable connection. It can also cooperate with nut, used for fastening between the two parts with hole. Set screw is mainly used for the relative position between the fixed two parts. Special purpose screw have lifting screw, used for lifting parts

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