The Development of Hardware Parts Thumb Screw

With the rapid development of economy in our country, hardware parts has become a considerable industry. The hardware parts thumb screw and springs had very good interpretation. Screws and spring are not only widely used in industrial production, but also widely used in civil industry. Such as furniture, automobile production. But because of the particularity of the industry, it also involves the security issues of application.

Our country's economy is developing rapidly. In some aspects, China can actually be in line with the European and American countries. But in some details, we are still far away from developed countries. The European and American countries has accumulated rich experience and technology in the first industrial revolution and the second industrial revolution. In this regard, after years of effort, when we have gained advanced technology, raw materials, production and testing equipment again become the bottleneck of hardware parts thumb screw development in our country.

Until today, the development of hardware parts thumb screw have gradually transited from price war and service competition to the industrial chain competition. And industrial chain rely on standardized means to complete. The current national standard and industry standard is still low, which leads to the competitiveness of domestic products in the international market is not strong. Therefore, it is a consistent voice of the delegates that new industry standards should be carried out in line with international standards as soon as possible. Dongguan King-Tower Hardware Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specializing in thumb screw. We welcome your inquiry!  

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