The common questions of security screw fasteners

Question: What is the meaning of security screw fasteners? What are the structural classifications?

Answer: The so-called security screw is also known as the disassembly screw. It is a kind of fasteners to prevent the fixed facilities which is long-term in outdoor public environment from stealing. According to the structure and type, security screw fasteners is divided into can-be-removable type and can-not-discharge type. The former can be divided into the inner pentagon security screw, the torx security screw, Y type security screw, the outer triangle security screw, the inner triangle security screw, two point security screw, the eccentric hole security screw and the inner muti-tooth security screw.

Question: How to remove the security screw fasteners on the car license plate? I am afraid to damage the car licence, so I dare not to remove it forcibly.

Answer: It is very simple. You just need to avoid the security structure. All security screw, whether it is clockwise to tighten the screw thread or counterclockwise to loosen the screw thread, just need to prevent screw from turning. So the drawing method can increase the coefficient of friction, and the steel leaf spring with barb also can increase the coefficient of friction. As long as it is removed, separating the  anti-theft caps would be easier.

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