The Cause of Bad Machine Screw Head

When producing machine screw, it often appears the situation of bad machine

screw head. However, what cause it? The question has bothered a lot of machine screw manufacturers. Today, we will discuss about the cause of bad machine screw head.

1.Screw head has the phenomenon of head shots and cracks. This is mainly the material problem of screw wire. Its material is poor. It has sundries, and is not pure enough. Or, the workers use the wrong methods of stamping in the producing process, or the reason for the bad lubricating oil.

2.Machine screw has the phenomenon of crooked head. This is mainly the technical problem of heading masters. In the production of cold pier, the installation is bad and the machine adjustment is not correct.

3.Machine screw has the phenomenon of eccentric screw head. This is also the technical problem of heading masters.

4.Machine screw has the phenomenon of broken angle. This is mainly caused by broken blunt needle.

5. Machine screws has the phenomenon of raw edges. This is mainly because the gap between stamping rod and die hole is too big, or stamping rod is too short.

In conclusion, the problem of bad machine screw head is mainly caused by unreasonable production technical operation. Therefore, to produce good quality screw, it is very necessary that production operation personnel have good technology and rich experience. Meanwhile, high quality screw wire material and advanced  machine production equipment are also very important.

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