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Surface Treatment of Stainless Steel 316 Screw

Stainless steel 316 screw is a high-grade stainless steel wire with the best function. Its corrosion resistance is the strongest among stainless steel wires. Of course, the price is also more expensive than other grades of stainless steel. Stainless steel 316 screws are mainly used for outdoor facilities, petrochemical and military industries which require high corrosion performance industries.

Today King Tower company the China stainless steel screws manufacturer introduced the commonly surface treatment methods for stainless steel 316 screws.

Cleaning - One of the most common surface treatment methods for stainless steel 316 screws, also known as plain treatment. During the production process of stainless steel screws, oil stains adhere to the surface, which is unusable, and is not conducive to packaging and transportation. Therefore, most stainless steel screws will cleaning surface oil. The method of cleaning oil is also very simple. Pour the stainless steel special clean oil cleaner at room temperature, clean it for 3-8 minutes, wash it and dry it before use.

Passivated - 316 Stainless Steel Screw passivation makes the screw surface brighter, it can also enhance the function of the screw, such as anti-rust function, normal it can reach 96 hours for the salt spray test. And the passivation method is also relatively simple. Soak the stainless steel screw into the passivation solution, soak it for 15-30 minutes, then clean it and dry it.

Electroplate - Stainless Steel 316 screw can according to customer’s requirements made galvanized, nickel plated and dacromet surface treatment. After electroplating, the surface of the stainless steel screw has an additional layer of protection, which makes the stainless steel screw more durable.

Polishing- Stainless Steel 316 screw polishing is use polishing machines and abrasives, grind the burrs and protrusions on the surface of stainless steel screws, make the surface of the screw bright and smooth, after that wash it.

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