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Quality of screws FAQ

Quality of screws FAQ

The production of screws, because of which production aspects of the unreasonable, may well lead to the quality of the screw problems. In the production, at the time of delivery, many screw quality problems may be found. The following is to say, screws often encountered quality problems and what is the reason for the quality problems.

1.The head of the screw is deformed, and the head is played crooked. Perhaps the reason is that the screw mould of a punch device is poor and adjust the machine improperly.

2.The head of the screw is not round. The reason is that the screw tooling a punch die is not selected properly or a punch forming is not full enough.

3.Screws have rough edges or burrs. The reason is that a punch is poorly formed, mainly because the gap between the punch bar and the die hole is too large or the punch bar is too short.

4.Screw head cracking, screw head cracks. The reason may be the quality of the screw wire itself has problems, so this screw wire in the head before the head, the quality department must be inspected, with a potion point.

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