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Precision parts machining characteristics and machining accuracy-Cnc Machine Parts Factory

Precision parts machining characteristics and machining accuracy-Cnc Machine Parts Factory

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Precision parts processing features and processing accuracy: higher consumption efficiency, CNC parts processing can simultaneously process multiple surfaces, compared to ordinary lathe processing can save a lot of processes, saving time, and CNC machining out of the quality of the parts is also relative to the ordinary lathe to be a lot more stable.

Precision parts processing in the development of new products has an irreplaceable role, generally speaking, through the programming can be different levels of complexity of the parts processing disposal ah, and retrofitting and updating the design only need to change the program of the lathe, which can greatly shorten the product development cycle.
Precision parts processing of the degree of automation is very enough to greatly reduce the labour intensity of workers, workers in the processing process does not need to be like ordinary lathe that the whole process of control, mainly on the lathe to suspend observation and monitoring. But the corresponding CNC machining technology content than ordinary lathes to be high, so relatively ordinary lathes plead higher mental labour initial investment relative to ordinary lathes to be large, due to the price of CNC lathes is very high, and its maintenance costs and processing of the initial preparation period is long.

Precision parts processing accuracy as we all know, the reason why the processing of fine parts is known as fine machining, it is because of its processing procedures and process requirements are very high, the precision of the product request is very high, and the precision of fine parts processing accuracy contains the position of the precision, precision of the dimensions of the precision of the shape of the accuracy, etc., the impact of the precision of precision parts processing accuracy of the elements.

Machine tool spindle rotary runout can produce a certain error on the machining accuracy of the parts. The inaccuracy of the precision of the machine guideway can also cause the error of the shape of the workpiece of precision parts machining. Transmission components can also lead to workpiece processing errors, which is also the most important element of the appearance of the workpiece error.

Cutting tools, fixtures of different varieties will also have different levels of precision of the processed workpiece impact in the process of cutting due to changes in the location of the force point will cause the system to produce deformation, thus generating a difference, but also make the precision of the workpiece to produce different levels of error in the size of the cutting force is different, but also lead to the precision of the workpiece is affected. The process system is subject to thermal deformation caused by the error, the machining process, the process system will produce a certain thermal deformation under the action of a variety of heat sources, the process system is subject to heat and the resulting deformation will often lead to the accuracy of the workpiece is affected.

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