New head machines arriving

Our factory bought a batch of head machines and today they are arriving in our factory,we will test these machines today,this will be very helpful for shortening our lead time.

So if you are looking for custom screws manufacturer,King Tower will be your best partner always.

Head Machines For Screws

About King-Tower

Dongguan King-Tower Hardware Co., Ltd is one of the largest enterprises to produce in China. China screw manufacturer choose King-Tower. Our company produces all kinds of sem screws, safety screws, Chiacgo screws, special screws, customized screws, plastic head screws, Lathe screws, and Professional screw, to meet various standard requests from different countries. All the equipment is introduced from the United States, Japan and Taiwan. Good equipment, consummate craft and strict management enable the quality of the products and service standard to reach the level of international market.

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