King Tower Introduces the Standard of the Screw

As a China screw manufacturer, you must be familiar with the standard of the screw. It is the basic knowledge of screw production. So it is very important to the new China screw manufacturer. Today, I will introduces the standard of the screw for you.

The standard of the screw include: type (standard), material, strength grade, specifications and surface treatment.

1. From the aspects of product type, hex screw is more able to bear torsion. In comparison, hexagon socket screw is weaker to bear torsion. And the cross recessed screw is the weakest. In the use of a complete set of product, the general advice is to choose the higher level of screw than the nut, which can bring the most economic benefit.

2. From the aspects of material grade, Here mainly talk about the commonly used carbon steel by screw. According to carbon content, it can be divided into C1008 (4.8 grade), C1035 (8.8 grade), C1045 (10.9 grade), SCM435 (12.9 grade and 45H). The higher the carbon content is, the harder the material will be. More than 8.8 grade screw is belong to high strength screw.

3. From the aspects of specifications, for example M4x8, 4 refers to that outside diameter of tooth is 4mm, 8 refers to that the effective length of the buried object is 8mm.

4. If the same material do heat treatment, the higher the hardness is, the worse the toughness will be.

Above is the standard of the screw. I hope this article is helpful to you. Our company is one of the largest enterprises to produce tight firmware in Mainland China. China screw manufacturer choose King-Tower. If you want to buy high quality thumb screw with low price, we are the best choice!

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