Introduction of Penguin Iceberg-model Tool Set

Penguin iceberg-model tool set is the new creative product of iThinking Company. The shape of penguin is cute and interesting. The main body use the environmental and high toughness engineering grade PP plastic as the base material. The surface modeling adopt TPR environmental rubber. It increases the comfort and friction of holing, and ensure the texture and delicate degree of product. There are three kinds of head shape. One-shape and cross-shape respectively have three. Hexagon has two. There are eight bits holders with different sizes. It is practical, and at the same time it is not lack of beauty and pleasure.

Insist on quality and structural design:

The main body of penguin iceberg-model tool set use the environmental and high toughness engineering grade PP plastic as the base material. The surface is coated by TPR environmental rubber, which improves the grip comfort and strengthen the power works required degree of friction. In order to ensure the texture and delicate degree in formal production in the future, it adopts the production mode of double color injection and molding in one. Center of driver seat use chrome vanadium (Cr-v) alloy steel surface bright chrome. Bits screwdriver head adopts silicon alloy steel (S2) surface of silver mist effect. They are all preferred material of professional tools.

Use and maintenance method:

Please do not place the penguin iceberg-model tool set in the place with direct light and high humidity, and keep dry.


1.Pull up the penguin

2.Push down the middle extension rod

3.Insert the extension rod into the magnetic absorption at the bottom of penguin

4.Take out the screwdriver inside the iceberg seat

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