How We Control the Quality of Machine Screw

There is a saying in us screw industry that “quality in a product is undetectable but made”. Machine screw is one of our specialty products, so we King Tower how to control the quality of machine screw is a good question for us. We emphasize produce mainly but not control, because we believe the quality is good or bad is absolutely in what we have made. In this case, we are strict with every details in the produce. We insist on product excellent quality.
In producing machine screw, in order to make a good quality of machine screw, we firstly stress the important of using technical machine screw wire rod. We must ensure the materials of screw are the most suitable and great quality, and only good materials can produce good quality products. If you aren’t choose some suitable machine screw wire rods, produce qualified products are not possible.
Second, there must be some good mould, good thread-rolling machine, a group of fine expertise, high quality, and professional spirit artisans. Only when you have all of these conditions, you can make a security of the quality.
And again, we are emphasizing the proficiency of vocational and technical in the quality department. Every member of the quality department has to be very familiar to each part of process. Only then can detect the quality of machine screw in time. Then we can made these quality problems a non-starter.
Finally, electroplating, harden, salt spray test, high breaking strength, torsion etc. must be carefully control, and have to click the requirements of customers, accord to the national standards to product all kinds of screws, ensure the quality.

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