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How to making set screws?

set screw

Set screws are common fasteners used in stove. The process of making set screws involves several steps that ensure the product's quality and reliability.

The first step is cold heading forming. This process involves shaping metal wire blanks into the basic shape of a screw head using a machine called a header. The wire blanks are fed into the machine, and a series of dies apply pressure to deform the wire into the desired shape. The header also stamps the screw's shank with threading.

Next, the screw undergoes drilling hole. This process involves creating a hole through the screw's shank, creating a channel for the fastener to secure objects. Depending on the type of screw, drilling hole can be done before or after the cold heading forming process.

After drilling hole, the screw moves to thread rolling. This is the process of creating the threads on the screw's shank. In thread rolling, the screw passes through a set of dies that mold the screw's surface into threads. This process creates a stronger, more durable thread than traditional thread rolling methods, such as cutting. Rolling can be done before or after the screw's heat treatment.

The final step in making a screw is heat treatment. Heat treatment involves heating the screw to a specific temperature, which alters its physical and mechanical properties. This process improves the screw's hardness, toughness, and strength, making it suitable for various applications.

Set screws can also undergo secondary operations such as plating, coating, and packaging. Plating involves applying a thin layer of material such as zinc, nickel, or chrome to the screw's surface to protect it from corrosion. Coating involves applying an adhesive or lubricant to the screw's surface to improve its performance. Finally, packaging involves grouping screws together and labeling them for shipping and handling.

In conclusion.Making set screws requires a series of precise and controlled steps to produce a high-quality fastener that can withstand various conditions. From cold heading forming and drilling hole to thread rolling and heat treatment, each step ensures the screw's reliability and performance.

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