Germany EJOT expands construction fastener product division

Germany EJOT expands construction fastener product division

Under its strategic expansion plan, the German EJOT Group has acquired Finland's Sormat company. With the completion of this phase, EJOT is gradually expanding its investment in the development of anchoring technology and expanding the 
building fastener product sector.

Sormat is one of the leading manufacturers of fastening and anchoring technology products in Northern Europe. Sormat's products are sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. The company currently employs 80 people and was established in 
1970. Its high-quality heavy-duty fastening components can be applied in many fields.

This acquisition strengthened EJOT's investment and development in the field of heavy-duty and anchoring technology. Christian Kocherscheidt, CEO of EJOT Group, emphasized: We have seen many opportunities to develop new customer groups 
after the merger. Our products are complementary to the competitive field, and have the same persistence value: quality, innovation and service.

EJOT Group currently has manufacturing and sales locations in 32 countries, with annual revenue of 450 million euros and 3,000 employees. Dongguan king kower Hardware Co., Ltd. custom-produces auto parts screws for EJOT, from pattern 
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