Four Advantages of Triangular Special Custom Screw

Many screw manufacturers must know a little about triangular special custom screw, but that is not enough. So I will introduce it further. As we all know, triangular screw has many advantages. I will analyze the four points today.

1.Reduce the cost of connecting

The key to decrease the cost of connecting is to remove the lowly efficient process and the unnecessary parts. When the triangular special custom screw lock into objects, it automatically form the suitable thread. So, those expensive automatic tapping equipment and the tapping process will be no longer needed. It also saves the cost of expensive tapping device and operation, and reduces the direct cost.

2.Overcome the friction

When installing a ordinary self tapping screw, we often need high torque values to overcome friction. The unique cross section shape of triangular screw is used to reduce friction. Relatively small torque is enough to make the screw to install in place. With the triangular screw rotation, the matrix thread with strength and hardness is also forming.

3. Prevent the loose connection

Triangular screw has the feature of machinery and self-locking, which greatly improves the loose ability under the circumstances of vibration. A unique triangular outer contour makes the material flow to the buffer in the middle of those thread when installation, thus providing a reliable cooperation and high exit torque.

4.Other advantages

In addition to the above three points, triangular special custom screw have many other advantages, such as reducing the interference between the thread, relieving wear and chip of thread, and so on. Special custom screw also has many advantages. It can be substituted.

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