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Do Wheel Anti-theft Screws Really Work?

With the development of car culture, many people's concept of car use has begun to change. For us, the car is no longer a simple means of transportation, but has gradually become a label that shows our personality. Modifying the wheels can be the first step for many people to modify their vehicles. However, as more and more people modify the wheels, there have been many criminals who steal the wheels. Therefore, more car owners think of anti-theft screws, hoping to completely protect their beloved wheels. But are anti-theft screws really 100% effective? Is it really foolproof?

Anti-theft screws, also known as security screws, are otherwise standard screws but with a unique head, making it nearly impossible to remove with common tools. Generally, according to the structure and type, it is divided into two types: removable and non-removable.

Removable anti-theft screws driver including: inner pentagon, inner torx, Y-type, outer triangle , inner triangle,snake eye etc. Our common anti-theft screws for vehicles are usually of the Torx point driver. Generally, each group of anti-theft screws is only equipped with one unlocking key for the user.

Only manufacturers and 4S stores will have matching anti-theft screws. Because if you buy anti-theft screws in the market, there must be corresponding screwdrivers for sale, so thieves only need to buy various anti-theft screws in the market, and then choose according to the type of anti-theft screws you use in the theft process The required keys, it is easy to succeed. Anti-theft screws protect your wheels from theft, It's not 100% safe to use, but we still need to be careful not to give thieves a chance. This is the root of theft.

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