Different non-standard shaped screws

Different non-standard shaped screws

In daily life, the screws we know are generally ordinary self-tapping screws, which are used for home electrical panels or home decoration. The heads are mostly cross recessed head or flat head, full thread, and self-tapping screw. 
Function. Today we will take a look at the different screw products from the non-standard shaped screws of King Tower

1. Stainless steel big flat head step screws are mainly used for electromechanical motors, motorcycles, electric vehicles, automobiles, high-speed rail supporting, mechanical equipment, skates, roller skates, stadium, etc.using a mold 
clamping machine to start forming.


2. Hexagonal Head,Different models of this bolt can be applied to electromechanical motors, motorcycles, electric vehicles, automobiles, high-speed, mechanical equipment, instrument accessories, etc. The size can be improved and used 
according to customer requirements Production of different materials.


3. Non-standard customized screw, anti-theft screws,according to customer drawings, precise customization, this non-standard customized different specifications and sizes can be applied to automobiles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, 
high-speed rail accessories, mechanical equipment, instrument accessories, anti-theft doors and windows, safes , Smart locks, street lighting equipment, motors and other industries


The above items are all customized for customers. From drawing re-production to mold customization, sample production, mass production, King Tower helps customers to do it at one time, without the cooperation of multiple manufacturers, 
Shishitong provides one-stop customized production service, which is reducing The cost also saves customers' valuable time.


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