Common Materials of Socket Hexagon Security Screw

In our daily life, socket hexagon security screw is very common. So screw manufacturers should be familiar to it. Today, let us learn the common materials of socket hexagon security screw.

1. Carbon steel

We distinguish low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel and alloy steel by carbon content in the carbon steel material.

A.Low carbon steel, C % ≤0.25%. It often refers to as A3 steel in China. It is known as 1008,1015,1018,1022 abroad. It is mainly used for the products with no hardness requirement, such as level 4.8 bolt, level 4 nut and small screws.

B.Medium carbon steel, 0.25%~0.45%. At present, the market don’t use it.

C.Alloy steel. Adding alloying element into the general carbon steel can increase the special performance of steel.

2. Stainless steel

Its performance levels: 45,50,60,70,80. It is mainly divided into austenite, martensite and ferrite.    


The commonly used material is the brass and copper zinc alloy. On the market, it mainly use H62, H65, H68 brass as the standard parts. The optional material of level 4.8 hexagon security screw: 1008K, 1010, 1015K. The optional material of level 6.8 hexagon screw: 1032, 1035, 1040, CH38F, 1039. The optional material of level 8.8 hexagon screw: 1035ACR (below M10), 1040ACR (above M12), CH38F, 1045ACR, 1039 10B21, 10B33, 10B38.

  Above is the common materials of socket hexagon security screw. I hope it can be helpful to you.

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