China fastener industry has both opportunities and challenges

The past year and this year's rapid growth of cars in China makes it become the front and center of the world economy, and become "the factory of the world”. Predicted in the coming years, the proportion of enterprise's products export of China's auto sales will acceleratingly growing. Although the production of China fastener industry is the first in the world, the automotive fasteners are lack of market competitiveness, which has become the bottleneck of China fastener industry leap-forward development.

It can be said that, in our country any a fastener enterprises can not compete with those multinational company. The current domestic companies encounter not only a low level of conventional attack, but also the global attack pressure. At the same time to prepare for the future, China fastener industry must solve the problem of unbalanced development. It should not only keep the growth of low-grade products (common fasteners), but also increase the research and manufacturing of high-grade products (car high strength fasteners). This may be the goal of further development of fasteners in China.

China fastener cannot still "going out" by the advantage of price. We should make effort at after-sales service, brand and product quality. We should also pay attention to build the brand reputation of fasteners, such as machine screw, lathe nut and so on.

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