Basic Introduction of Lathe Nut

The nut is screw cap. It is the part that plays a role of fastening with bolts or screws. It is the component that all production machinery must use. There are many types of nut. The common lathe nut include National standard, German standard, British standard, American standard and Japanese standard. According to different materials, the nuts can be divided into carbon steel, high strength, stainless steel, plastic and so on. According to the product properties corresponding to different standards of the state, nuts can be divided into ordinary, non-standard, (old) national standard, new national standard, and American, British, German standard. The nuts with different sizes and thread are divided into different specifications. General national standard and German standard are denoted by M (such as M8, M16). American and British standard use a score or # to denote specification(e.g., 8 #, 10 #, 1/4, 3/8).

The principle of lathe nut: DISC-LOCK lathe nut consists of two parts. Each part has staggered cam. Due to internal wedge design of slope angle is greater than the nut angle of bolt. This combination tightly merge into one organic whole. When vibration occurs, the raised portion of DISC - LOCK nut perform the staggered movement, and produce lift tension, so as to achieve the perfect effect of locking.

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