Analysis of Common Model Parameters of Special Custom Screw Fasteners

As a fastener manufacturer, it is very important to know the common model parameters of special custom screw fasteners. However, many friends still can not completely grasp it. So I will analyze it today. Common model parameters of special custom screw fasteners are as follows:

1. Head type of special custom screw

B: spherical cylinder head

C: cylinder head

F (K) : countersunk head

H: hexagon head

HW: hexagon head with washer

O: oval head

P: flat head

R: half round head

PW: flat head with washer

T: large flat head

V: mushroom head

2. Heat treatment

H:Heat treatment

N: No heat treatment

3. Surface treatment

Zn:white zinc


B: blue zinc

F: black zinc

O: oxidation of black

Ni: nickel

P: phosphorization

4. Thread type of special custom screw

A: tapping pointed tail (the first kind of Japanese standard), sparse.

AB: tapping pointed tail (the fourth kind of Japanese standard), dense.

B: tapping flat tail (the second kind of Japanese standard), sparse.

C: tapping flat tail (the third kind of Japanese standard), dense.

P: double wire tooth

HL: high and low tooth

U: pineapple tooth tattoo

T: tapping flat tail cut feet

AT:self tapping pointed tail cut feet

M: mechanical tooth

Special custom screw fasteners are very common in our daily life. I hope this article can be helpful to you.

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