The Classification and Quality Standards of Self-tapping Laptop Screw

As a professional China screw manufacturer, you must be familiar with the classification and quality standards of self-tapping laptop screw. However, many friends still do not have many knowledge about it. Today, follow King-Tower Catherine to learn the classification and quality standards of self-tapping laptop screw.

1. Slot self-tapping screws

A. Slotted pan head tapping screw: ISO1481,GB/T5282,ASME B18.6.4. DIN standard do not have slot pan head self-drilling screw. It is instead by slotted cylinder head self-drilling screw: DIN7971.

B.Slotted countersunk head tapping screws: ISO1782,GB/T5283,DIN7972,ASME B18.6.4.

C. Slot oval head self-drilling screw: ISO1483,GB/T5284,DIN/T7973,ASME B18.6.4.

2. Philips self-tapping screws

A. Cross trough pan head self-drilling screw: ISO7049,GB/T845,DIN7981,ASME B18.6.4.

B. Philips countersunk head tapping screws: ISO7050,GB/T846,DIN7982,ASME B18.6.4.

C. Philips oval head self-drilling screw: ISO7051,GB/T847,DIN7983,ASME B18.6.4.

3.Hexagon head tapping screws, hexagon flange head tapping screws, hexagon washer head tapping screws.

A. Hexagon head tapping laptop screw: ISO1479,GB/T8285,DIN7976,ASME B18.6.4.

B. Hexagon flange head tapping screws: ISO10509,GB/T16824.2. There is no DIN、ASME at present.

C. Hexagon washer head tapping screws: ISO7053,GB/T16824.1,ASME B18.6.4. There is no DIN at present.

Above is the classification and quality standards of self-tapping laptop screw. I hope this article can be helpful to you.

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