The Basic Introduction and Function of Hexagon Lathe Nut with Flange

1. Introduction

Hexagon lathe nut with flange

Material: A3 low-carbon steel, 35K high speed steel wire rod, 45# steel, 40CR, 35Crmoa.

Hardness level: level 4, level 5, level 6, level 8, level10, level 12

Surface treatment: Generally it is divided into zinc plating color and white zinc plating, and it is usually cold galvanized.

Main Specifications: M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16, M20 ( hexagon lathe nut with flange above M20, M14 and M18 specifications are not commonly used).

Thread specification: with reference to national standard nut thread.

National standard code: GB6177-2000

2. Function

The size and thread specifications of hexagon lathe nut with flange and general hexagonal nut are basically the same. But compared to hexagonal nut, its washers and nut is a one-piece, and it has prevent slippery indented below. This increases the surface contact between the nut and workpiece. Compared to the combination of ordinary nut and washer, it is more solid and its pulling force is greater. Generally, specifications of common flange lathe nut are below M20 roughly. Most flange nuts are used in the pipeline and the flange plate, so the work-piece constraints it. Some flange nuts above M20 are mostly flat flange, that is, there is no insection on the flange surface. Most of these nuts are used in some special equipment and special places.

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