Introduction of HUKU Screwdriver

We rely on all kinds of tools to make our lives more convenient. We keep them in tool boxes, drawers, garages, storage areas, or just randomly around the house. We often cannot find the right tool when we need them most, especially if it is one that we do not regularly use. iThinking are bringing you solutions to this all-too-common problem. Keep organized with the intelligent design of HUKU screwdriver. It is a screwdriver set with a magnetic head, containing enough space to include 6 different sizes of two frequently-used head bits.  Huku can be a piece of unique desktop decor, or can be readily portable.

What is HUKU? -- It means guardian and blessing.

The reason of naming it HUKU is because the chirping sound of the owl. And it also sounds like “happiness” in Japan. So it is common to see a pair of owl in Japanese home, which is on behalf of blessing. When daughter get married, her mom will also send her a pair of owl, hoping the daughter happy.

All parts of the HUKU screwdriver are expertly selected.  The body of HUKU is made of polypropylene(PP), which makes it tough and sturdy. The surface of HUKU is coated with thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which makes it comfortable to grip and easy to twist. The screwdriver bar contained in the HUKU is made of chrome vanadium steel (Cr-V), and the screwdriver bits are made of S2 steel with a silvering finish.

HUKU screwdriver is a personal portable tool. When it is on the table or carried, it not only plays the silently guarding role in the work for us, but also contains full blessing for the owners and users. It is a sweet word, but also a practical tool set.

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